Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program offers a set of mandatory courses for students to learn basic information and management knowledge, along with internship credits for them to work part-timely in the industry.

Thereafter, the students will be classified into the Electronic Commerce Group, Big Data Group and AI Group, according to their interests.

Electronic Commerce Group

The Elecronic Commerce Group particularly focuses on e-commerce development, management, operation and innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities. In the era of popularization of e-commerce, students with this ability have a particularly competitive advantage in employment.

Big Data Group

The Big Data Group especially focuses on the automatic collection and analysis of big data from the business. In the era of explosive data, students with big data analysis ability have a particularly competitive advantage in the industry.

AI Group

The Artificial Intelligence Application group particularly focuses on the ability of artificial intelligence technology and application, cooperates with machine learning, deep learning, and AIOT and other technologies to cultivate students with artificial intelligence technology and application ability, in oder to have a competitive advantage in employment.