Research Centers

Knowledge Management and Virtual Learning Research Center


1.Discuss the acquisition of information technology from various levels.

2.Establish a virtual learning platform and structure.

3.Discuss the application of information technology in organizational learning.

4.Build an asynchronous virtual system for learning.

5.Design multimedia education materials.

Web Application Development Techniques Lab

This center is equipped with many popular technologies and equipment such as Kinect, Arduino, AR, Data Mining Tool, Beacon and Information Hiding Sotware.

Business Intelligence Research Center

The global value chain brings the enormous impacts on the industry. Every enterprise must rapidly obtain the best technology of e-business and of e-commerce to set up its global market competitiveness. The purpose of this BI lab is to co-operate industry, government, and academic to engage in the research of decision management of e-business, business intelligence development and business strategy.

We expected to combine the foundation theories of academy and research, industry IT solution of e-Business, and co-operate with government strategy, help the industry to realize the training, planning, research, prototyping construction and system induction.

ERP Research Center

In order to develop a learning and research environment based on Enterprise Research Planning (ERP), this research center supports courses such as “ERP Module Courses”, “Special Research” and “Thesis Research”, as well as training tools that integrate information technology and Manage research-capable talent. Membership includes 5 teachers and can accommodate 12 graduate students.

Campus Information
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■ Kinmen: 105 De Ming Rd., Jinsha Township, Kinmen County 890, Taiwan. | +886 355-233
■ Michigan Location:Gilbertson Hall, Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI 48710 U.S.A. Telephone: 1-989-964-2497 (U.S.) | +886 2 2882-4564 (Taiwan)