Words from the Chair

Department of Information Management

Ming Chuan University

If I Were a Freshman Again

For a university freshman, it feels like a distant time for me, and if I could borrow Doraemon’s time machine, I would go back to the year I entered college; I think I would do that…

I never had the experience of living in a dormitory. If I were a freshman again, I would definitely choose to live in the school dormitory or off-campus housing near the school, making the most of the school resources every day.

I would thoroughly enjoy the luxurious campus facilities, such as the vast grassland (the Ming Chuan University stadium), the library, the gymnasium, and various restaurants.pful for future projects.

I would make friends from different departments, preferably from different cities and counties. This way, during winter and summer vacations, I could travel around the island and stay at friends’ houses. Moreover, dormitory residents always have the latest information, and many seniors would share their exam strategies, making it easy for me to pass all exams.

Not joining clubs is equivalent to not experiencing college. This statement is not at all exaggerated. I remember in my freshman year, I joined the audio-visual club (studying film and music), the art club, and the guitar club. Because the workload was heavy, especially using original textbooks for most courses, I often found myself extremely busy.

Looking back, I should have carefully chosen 1 to 2 clubs that interested me the most. Otherwise, juggling between clubs and coursework creates stress instead of relieving it.

If I could be a freshman again, I would fully participate in various activities organized by the department, get to know seniors and classmates, actively engage in class and club activities, and plan my future career direction. Laying a solid foundation in the first year is crucial for a smooth four-year journey.

I would deeply understand the expertise of the department’s professors so that, when working on my senior project in the third year, I could find a suitable mentor, apply the learned skills to develop a system, and participate in various competitions both inside and outside the university to accumulate a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Given the opportunity, I would definitely apply for graduate school, especially a five-year program. While many people still lack confidence in facing the job market, I would only need one more year to obtain a master’s degree, providing significant confidence and advancement assistance for my future career.

Life is like a photo album, and if I could be a college freshman again, I would always record the details of life around me, making my life album filled with colorful memories.

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